PVC Shutters

Protecting your Sunshine Coast property from external hazards is an important step to take, whether you’re concerned about environmental factors or the security of your loved ones. Either way, it’s important to make sure that you can maintain privacy and safety for your residence. Those of you who are concerned about the environment may not relish the idea of putting wooden shutters up all over your building, though. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get an entirely serviceable pair of shutters when you need them.

What’s the solution then? Simple: use PVC shutters to get the same privacy and security that you can count on from wooden shutters, without incurring the same carbon footprint that accompanies it. Signature Sunshine Coast makes several varieties of PVC shutters to provide as many options as possible for our valued customers.

Take our Ecowood shutters, for example. Ecowood shutters are manufactured from a polymer foam that is both robust and non-toxic, making it a particularly good synthetic alternative to traditional wooden shutters. Ecowood is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for use both in and out of the house. Putting these shutters outside your home is an excellent way to protect from rain or snow, whereas inside they can be particularly useful in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and other places where running water is frequently used.

Our Ecowood shutters come with aluminium reinforced blades and a fully concealable tilt mechanism, making them extremely useful and easy to use. You can purchase them with three different blade sizes: 68mm, 89mm and 114mm, and they come in either MYT’s standard 13 paint colours or a unique colour from the Dulux Specifier II series. A variety of framing options are also available, including L or Z frames or a Top & Bottom U Channel. If you require alternatives, we can even frame them with Cedar or Basswood.


Duratech Shutters

Then there’s Duratech, which allows us to produce extremely versatile shutters that combine the light weight, strength and thermal properties of Western Red Cedar with the durability of Ecowood for the blades. These shutters use Western Red Cedar frames but have a reinforced PVC insert and blades, which makes them suitable for use inside or out. Having a cedar base also makes the timber joints more stable than other PVC shutters, which tend to sag drastically over time due to their reliance on simple screws.

As with all our products, Signature Sunshine Coast offers synthetic shutters with quotes free of charge and can make sure your synthetic shutters receive installation from qualified industry professionals. You can get your synthetic shutters at a great price when you shop with us too since everything we produce is designed to be budget friendly as well as great value for money.

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