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Signature Blinds QLD is a family owned business that carries blinds, shutters and awnings on the Sunshine Coast. By partnering with Australia’s leading manufacturers of blinds, awnings and shutters, we can provide high-quality products tailored to suit all budgets. The brands we carry include internationally recognised names like Acmeda, Somfy and Turnils—among many others.



Cover your windows with beautiful and functional blinds—whether to control light levels, protect your privacy or both. At Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast, our blinds are available in a wide variety of designs and materials.


Maximise your home’s privacy and security with roller shutters, or opt for a more traditional and relaxed look with a timber design. Our shutters can control light levels, protect your home from storm damage, offer superior thermal control and more.


Get more use out of your patio, deck, sunroom or sitting room without leaving yourself vulnerable to the hot sun. At Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast, our awnings—available in both fabric and metal designs—offer protection from the elements without obstructing your view.


Many of the stores that sell blinds on the Sunshine Coast focus on residential applications. At Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast, we also have a commercial division and can provide your business with blinds for multiple purposes—from heat control systems to blockout blinds and more.

About Us

Established ten years ago, Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast has evolved into one of the most dependable retailers for quality awnings, blinds and shutters on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve accomplished this feat not just by working with some of the best manufacturers in Australia, but also by making sure that our stock includes a broad range of different options.

Indeed, no matter what type of blinds, shutters or awnings you are shopping for on the Sunshine Coast, you can find them at Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast. In the blinds category, our product design options include cellular blinds, panel glides, roller blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds. In shutters, we stock aluminium shutters, roller shutters, synthetic shutters and timber designs. In awnings, we have both fabric and metal options available.

This vast variety of different products helps Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast serve the broadest audience of customers possible. Whether you are shopping on a tight budget or willing to spend more for a luxury look, we can help. Whether you are trying to create a rustic, traditional style of interior décor or complementing a modern, contemporary architecture style, we have the blinds and shutters necessary for the job. No matter your needs, we can help you find the blinds you are seeking.

Don’t settle for cheap blinds that won’t add to the aesthetic of your space or stand the test of time. Instead, come to Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast and let us provide the best value for your money that you will find at any blinds, shutters or awnings stores in the Brisbane area.

Why Choose Us?

At Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast, we provide high-quality blinds, shutters and awnings at all budgets. Our boutique range has been curated to emphasise quality, function and value for the money. There are stores that will sell blinds for cheaper prices, but you won’t get more bang for your buck anywhere else.

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"Hi Jackie, Could you please pass on my thanks with regard to the installation of my blinds yesterday. I am absolutely thrilled with the results especially the kitchen window blind."


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