Aluminium Shutters

Shutters come in a huge number of different styles and may use a wide variety of different materials. Sometimes there are so many options that it can be hard to know just what to choose for a particular location. For those of you who crave a little bit of extra security, though, you’ll be particularly interested in the line of aluminium shutters that we offer. Aluminium shutters in the Sunshine Coast area are a popular choice for shops and other commercial enterprises who want to keep themselves protected after hours, especially when they have valuables inside.

Why choose aluminium shutters for your Sunshine Coast business? There are a couple of reasons. The first reason is one of the best, though: they can be ordered with several different locks to maximise security. The last thing you want is someone getting through a flimsy set of shutters and gaining access to the valuable objects inside your store or office. Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast aluminium shutters with easy installation and the same style we bring to all our other products. Order from us and you’ll still be able to benefit from the ventilation, light control and superb views facilitated by our other varieties—and as in every other case, you’ll get a free quote on all our aluminium shutters.

Our aluminium shutters come with the following lock options so that you can fully customise your security: Safety Lock & Key, Barrel Bolt Short, Barrel Bolt Long, and Blade locks. Each of these varieties have their own advantages, making it easy to get aluminium shutters that suit your specific needs perfectly. These blinds can also be installed on the outside or the inside of your building—although their high resistance to corrosion and limited thermal effectiveness make them a better fit for outdoor areas in most cases.

It’s also easy to increase your customisation options, with different colours for your aluminium shutters in Brisbane. Just because you’re looking for security solutions doesn’t mean you can’t also find shutters that look nice. We let you shoot for the best of both worlds! We offer our aluminium shutters in no less than nine powder coated colours, to provide you with as many aesthetic choices as we can. Note that all our blades come in a 90mm size.

Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast can provide you with extraordinarily high-quality aluminium shutters, and a quote for the installation that comes entirely free of charge. When you select the colour that you’re looking for, the rest is easy. Place your order with us and we’ll make sure your aluminium shutters have a smooth installation at a reasonable price.

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