Roller Blinds
Among the most durable and practical blinds available, roller blinds are a justifiably popular choice among homeowners. At Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast, we also offer a variety of different roller blind styles in Brisbane—to make sure every customer gets the look and function they want.

The Renaissance of the Roller Blind

For many years, the roller blind was relatively unpopular in Australia. Most customers were more likely to opt for cellular, Roman or Venetian blinds. Despite how practical roller blinds are at protecting privacy, minimising glare and controlling light levels in the home, they were out of fashion and out of favour. In recent years, though, advances in blind design have started a spark of popularity for roller blinds in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Indeed, it seems as if the roller blind is in the midst of a renaissance. If roller blind installations are making a comeback, it isn’t difficult to see why. Recently, we’ve seen a growth in the variety of fabrics used for blind manufacturing. This wider selection of materials has helped roller blinds gain a new foothold. From light filtering fabrics to blockout options, roller blind designs now offer something for everyone.

Roller Blind Types

Are you interested in hopping on the roller blinds wagon as this type of blind returns to popularity and prominence? If so, here are a few of the roller blind designs that have seen a recent uptick in demand at Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast:

Fabric Rollers

Fabric Rollers

Offering intuitive chain control, built-in child safety features, and a range of different fabrics and colours, these rollers provide an effective, innovative and easy-to-use window covering option.

  • Chain control is standard
  • Traditional spring mechanism available
  • Child safety feature as standard
  • Available in a range of fabrics and colours with colour-coordinated brackets
  • Aluminium bottom rail or 6 decorator trims

Sunscreen Rollers

Sunscreen Rollers

These rollers let in an optimum level of light while also blocking 90% of UV rays. The result is a blind that preserves your view and maximises natural light while also providing superior heat control. Blinds come in a range of different colours and include child safety features, chain control, and fire-resistant designs.

  • Allows optimum level of light and heat control while blocking out up to 90% of UV rays but still lets in the view
  • Wide range of colours and flame resistant fabrics
  • Child safety feature as standard
  • Aluminium bottom rail
  • Chain control
    • Chain driven (Side Winder) system allows operation of blind using chain operation either on left or right side.
    • Much more convenient than spring operated, allowing more control when operating blind.
    • The top tube is aluminium.
  • Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast can also provide a motorised system, to automate the opening and closing of your blinds and link them with timers or sun sensors. A cassette system helps conceal the roller blind mechanism and eliminate gaps on either side of the window, for more effective room darkening and glare control. Also, a wire guide system helps stabilise the roller and hold it in one place—even if the window is open and a breeze is blowing.

Signature offers a range of automation option from – hard-wired switches, – RTS remote control options, and – Cbus systems linking in with home automation systems.

These systems may also be linked to timers or Sun Sensors.

We have an automated system to suit almost any application and budget.

Cassette System

  • The Signature Cassette allows the roller blind mechanism to be concealed within a headbox.
  • The cassette system is available in 4 colours, Snow White, White Birch, Silver Grey and Black.
  • Cassette and Side Channels
  • This system allow the roller to be covered and the channels eliminate gaps on the sides, allowing almost total room darkening.
  • Wire Guide
    • With the Signature Wire Guide System your roller is stabilised because the bottom rail is attached to stainless steel wire as the blind rolls up and down.
    • This means that your roller blind is not as affected by breeze from open windows and remains stable in any position.

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