Metal Awnings

When you want a permanent addition to your home that adds functionality or helps guard against the head of the day, metal awnings are the ideal choice. When fabric simply won’t do, these options are heavy duty and better suited to several different applications. Highly durable and built to withstand the elements, we can install metal awnings on your Sunshine Coast home in no time and according to our quoted price. When might you want to consider some of our metal awnings, and what features will you be able to enjoy with each of them? Here’s a quick look at our options.

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Stafford All Weather

Do you have an exposed patio or outdoor decking? What about a bedroom balcony that could do with some added shade? Stafford metal awnings are the ideal solution for this situation. 100% waterproof and built to last, we can custom fit these awnings to suit the area in question. Instantly transform the space into a shady oasis that you can enjoy no matter the weather outside. There are no unsightly connectors or fixings visible due to the unique panel-locking design. Finished in a vibrant pearl white with uncomplicated lines for a very smart look.

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Montrose Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Awnings

Let’s face it: the Australian sun can be brutal at times. That’s why the Montrose adjustable louvre awning is one of the best solutions offered by Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast. Hung in front of the windows which receive the most direct sunlight, these are extremely useful for controlling the heat indoors and protecting your home from the sun.

Montrose awnings can reflect or block more than 90% of the radiant heat from the sun. When you wish to let in more natural light or encourage a ventilating breeze, the panel opens with ease. Do you want to get your view back on the days when it’s not so hot? Open the panels entirely for a view that’s almost like it isn’t even there — or keep them closed for the ultimate in privacy.


Sunbreeze Fixed Louvre Awnings

For another option when it comes to your new metal awnings installation, the Sunbreeze model affords you some of the same benefits as the Montrose, but on a smaller scale. These are simpler to install and provide greater flexibility and convenience. Montrose louvre panels feature an angled design, balancing protection from the sun with the ability to see through them. They are also ideal for maintaining the flow of air through the window. Ask about colour-matching to the exterior of your home; many colours are available.

Claredale Window Hoods

Choose this timeless window hood design to shade windows from the outside without the need to worry about anything else. Made from an incredibly durable aluminium panel curved at the end, we can provide many different colours of the Claredale model to assist in matching or complementing the exterior colour of your home. The underside of each awning comes with a glossy white finish to naturally reflect light away from your home. Also available are side trim panels as well as those with closed sides; ask us during the process of creating your metal awnings quote about your options.

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From improving a deck to regulating your home’s temperature, metal awnings have a lot to offer. Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast is ready to help you find the perfect solution for your home. To get in touch, click here now to send an enquiry to us online.

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