Fabric Awnings
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Few looks are as timeless and classic as those which feature fabric awnings. Highly versatile and ideal for a huge variety of uses, fabric awnings protect you from the sun and rain without serving as an impediment to enjoying the view from your home. Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast has a wealth of first-hand experience installing these types of awnings and blinds for cafés and restaurants, but they aren’t just for commercial clients. You can use them to remake your outdoor living space with ease, adding usability and value to your home instantly! What options do we have for fabric awnings in Sunshine Coast?

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Crank Operated Awnings: Highly customisable

We have three robust choices for fabric awnings which you can quickly roll away using a hand cranked external gear. First up is the Sunscape, ideal for fitting to homes with unique architecture or a design troublesome to other awnings. With no side channels, it avoids interference with your post mouldings while still delivering the shade you need.

Next up is the Suncable. This model uses a wire cable to guide the screen into place while also featuring heavy duty and durable stainless steel fittings. A final alternative is the Sunmaster model. This drop screen uses aluminium as the basis for the vertical tracks which allows you to lower the screen into the proper position. Each option provides excellent protection from the sun and aids in creating a more comfortable temperature. Don’t forget to ask about our additional electric options, which include timers.

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Spring-Operated Awnings: Ideal for smooth operation

For ease of use, spring-operated awnings are perfect. Whether you have a sunny veranda you’d like to cover or a patio that needs some shade, we can find you a solid fit. One example is the Suntrak, which has a convenient system for self-locking into place. Just pull it down into position — it snaps into its lock, and you’re done!

Other options include automatic spring awnings for windows in direct line of the sun. They operate similarly, with side guides and an arm that locks into place. For a more basic choice, we also have roller blinds that pull down into position just as easily. Perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of a complicated mechanism.

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Pivot arm awnings: for hard to reach spaces

What if you have a second story balcony or window you cannot easily access? You may still want a fabric awnings installation added to this part of the home. Pivot arm awnings are the solution, as they are versatile enough to fit into these spaces while still being easy to operate. Signature Blinds Sunshine Coast can custom build many variations on the basic design for our customers. Ask about how we can customise an installation for you based on your desired control option — we can even create awnings controlled by wireless remote.

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Folding arm awning: instantly create a patio

When you want to create a covered patio in an instant — and then instantly roll it away again when you’re finished — this is the option for you! When you want to expand the amount of space you can use for leisure activities and entertaining friends, our folding arm awnings get the job done without issue. We have many potential control mechanisms to add ease of use and convenience to your home. Whether you choose a manual gearbox or something more advanced like a system of timers and remote controls, we’ll connect you with the perfect product.

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Fixed fabric options: the classic choice

For all other applications, or when you just want more traditionally styled fabric awnings, choose the standard fixed frame awnings. With tonnes of shapes and styles available, we can customise solutions for anybody. We build our frames from aluminium and steel with solid, durable welds. Customise the look of your awnings too — ask about our incredible range of colours and even material textures before you receive a fabric awnings quote.

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